Opening the Door to Naturally Present Inner Clarity

A very brief Longchen Nyingtig Preliminary

Nov 22, 2013 - San Jose, California
by Hungkar Rinpoche

On November 22-24, 2013 in San Jose, USA, with the kindness and commpassion, Hungkar Rinpoche bestowed a detailed explanation of one of his recent work, the concise version of the sadhana practice of the Longchen Nyingthig preliminaries to meet the demanding of the increasing number of Buddhist, those who are always busy or lazy with their schedule and donot have time to study and practice.

“May this sadhana become the means of liberation for all sentient beings.”

Title Length Action
The Outer Ngondro 0:59 min Play
Four Thoughts that Change the Mind 1:12 min Play
Refuge and Budhicitta 1:51 min Play
Refuge and Budhicitta 30 min Play
Vajrasattva Purification 1:17 min Play
Vajrasattva Purification 60 min Play
Vajrasattva Purification 60 min Play
Vajrasattva Purification 47 min Play
Mandala Offering 1:03 min Play
Guru Yoga 2:10 min Play

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Hungkar Rinpoche
In these times, the number of Buddhists in the world is increasing. However, as they are so busy and with little opportunity for study, it is necessary for there to be a concise easy practice that has the essence of all practices. Also, because Dharma practitioners are unable to maintain a regular daily practice of the preliminaries, either because they are too busy or too lazy, I decided it would be good to create this simplified form of the Longchen Nyingtik preliminaries.

Hungkar Dorje, who has the title of being the rebirth of Do Khyentse.