3: The Child Hood of King Gesar (part 2)

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The story of King Gesar birth place

This video is about the birth of the Hero, and become the King by Winning the horse race as the beginning chapters. The story tells how Gesar was born and how he grew to be the king of the State of Ling.

When Gesar was a child, he already had miraclulas power, his uncle was the king at that time and he afraid Gesar will take over the kingdom, so he tried to kill Gesar. Gesar was forced to move to the Yellow River area together with his mother when he was just a young boy and then a few year later, the Ling tribe migrated there, too. Gesar defeated his uncle and many generals of the tribe to be the sweeping winner. From then on, Gesar became the king of the State of Ling and was officially named the Lion King of the World.